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How Can an Online Vet Help Me?

Our Story

The idea of offering an online veterinary service arose during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when arranging a vet check for your pet was challenging. Limitations due to travel restrictions, quarantine, veterinary staff shortages, and clinic closures led to very long waiting lists in obtaining a consultation for your pet and seeking veterinary advice.

The creation of Vetonline Consult has allowed owners to obtain professional and trustworthy veterinary advice from New Zealand registered veterinarians at the click of a button. No wait times, no travel needed, low stress, easy, and affordable prices.

Vetonline Consult has continued to grow, and since its creation, we have become a team of three veterinarians each with 8+ years of experience. We expanded, and offer a complete online veterinary pharmacy and pet store stocking vet-approved pet products, supplements and diets.

What we offer:

Online veterinary consultations

Vetonline Consult offers online vet help at a click of a button. With our smooth booking system, you can book an appointment around your busy schedule, all you need to do is choose a date and time.

You cannot plan when your pet becomes poorly, and when it happens it is very stressful. We can put your mind at ease as we are available every day, between 7 am and 10 pm NZT. So there’s no need to stress about finding a consult for ‘Fluffy’ if you are at work, we can arrange one for before work, during your lunch break, or after work! Simple.

How do online consults work?

Once you have selected your appointment, you can then write a short description of the issue.

Instructions will then be sent for you to join our online video conference waiting room. No software needs to be downloaded, it is easy, safe, and simple.

Each consult lasts for 15 minutes and a summary of the consultation will be emailed to you within an hour. It will outline the key points discussed and this can then be taken to your regular vet for their history.

Whilst having some sort of camera to see your pet is advised for the consult, if video access is unavailable, we can also offer consultations via voice call or write in messenger/email.

When should I talk to a vet?

We can offer a breadth of advice to pet owners from new pet ownership, nutritional advice, behavioural problems, non-urgent issues, ongoing conditions, or if you are unsure if it is worth going to the vet or not.

There is no question too big or small, we are here to help.

In this busy world, often your regular vet will have a very demanding schedule and may not have the time to talk through your pet’s condition and answer all your questions. This is where the online vet can help. We can talk through your pet’s condition and help increase your knowledge and confidence in managing their treatment and your expectations.

If you are unsure if you need a vet visit, we can talk through your pet’s issue outlining potential causes, treatment options, next steps, and prognosis.

Particularly in New Zealand, some people can live quite a distance from any veterinary help. Remote clinics sometimes have limited consultation slots, making arranging a consult even harder. Our online veterinary consults can help bridge this gap and increase the quality of care you can offer your pet. We complement your existing veterinary clinic by being available from anywhere, and we can advise you if further veterinary examination, treatment, or diagnostics are needed back at your regular vet.

Can you prescribe medications online?

By law in New Zealand, we are currently unable to prescribe medications without a physical examination of your pet. Our online veterinarians cannot provide prescription medications or write prescriptions. We can however advise what next steps should be taken with your pet’s issue, if an examination is needed or medications are required, we will direct you back to your regular vet.

Always in an emergency go directly to the nearest veterinary clinic. We offer advice only and do not replace an in-person, primary vet-client relationship that is needed to prescribe medication.

What type of animals can we see?

Our team is currently comprised of experienced small animal veterinarians consulting on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and your avian pets.

What other services do you offer?

Our online veterinary services are not limited to consultations:

  • Online store

We also have an online store stocking vet-approved pet products. We stock a range of products from pet wormers, nutritional supplements, shampoos, treats, and more. Our team is always happy to help with a recommendation of products that will be suitable for your pet, use our chat bar to talk to a team member at any time.

  • Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy offers you a safe and affordable environment to obtain your pet’s prescription medications. Purchasing your pet’s medications online can save you time, travel, and be a cost-effective way to support your pet on long-term medications.

We need a written prescription from your regular veterinarian. All veterinarians have an obligation to provide a written prescription for any medications required upon request after examination of your pet.

You can post your prescription directly to us, or request your veterinarian to email a prescription directly to us from their clinic email address. We will then send you the medications directly to your home!

Online Vet Help is convenient, cost-effective, and reliable

Whether you are seeking experienced, trustworthy veterinary advice for your beloved pet, searching for the best vet-approved pet products, or, want to save time and money on your pet’s prescriptions, then Vetonline Consult could be the answer!

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