Easy as following a link

No downloads or apps needed, after booking you will be sent a link to the virtual waiting room. The vet will then connect the call and you can start talking straight away. 


Our team of experienced, qualified veterinarians offer video call, voice call or messenger consultation options.

Often your regular vet will have a very busy schedule and may not have the time to talk through your pet's condition and answer all your questions, the online vet can help increase your knowledge and confidence in managing your pet's condition.

Particularly in New Zealand, some people can live quite far away from their regular veterinarian so online veterinary consults can help bridge the gap and increase the quality of care you can offer your pet. 

Unsure if you need to visit the vet? we can talk through your pet's issue outlining potential causes, treatment options and prognosis with you.

No question too big or small we are here to help.