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Muscle Max is a feed supplement formulated to maximise the efficiency of muscle metabolism. It does this in two ways, by improving lean muscle mass and by reducing the effects of post exercise muscle fatigue. A large part of the daily energy requirement of the equine athlete is used by the skeletal muscles to power the contractions that give the horse its attributes of speed, endurance and strength – maximise the efficiency of muscle metabolism – a muscle builder.


Muscle-Max combines the antioxidant properties of stabilised rice bran and along with chromium picolinate helps to reduce muscle fatigue and post exercise muscle damage. It is a 100% natural product that can be used right up to and during competition. It is formulated with an apple flavour that horses find palatable.


60gm (150mg/kg LWT) Ponies
80-100gm (160-200mg/kg LWT) Dressage, Show and Sport Horses, Yearling Prep
160gm (320mg/kg LWT) Racehorses, Eventers and Endurance horses in training, also horses in light condition

Adjust the dose to suit the horse as his condition or work level changes.

VetPro Muscle Max - 2kg


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