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Vetpro Blud-Boost is a hematinic supplement that provides bio-available iron with essential B Vitamins including folate, plus Copper, and amino acids Methionine, Glycine and Lysine. A hematinic is a nutrient required for the formation of blood cells in the process of haematopoiesis. The main hematinics are iron, B12, and folate all provided in Blud-Boost. They improve the condition and quality of the blood, and increase the number of erythrocytes and/or the haemoglobin concentration. Thus assisting the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells of blood.


Dosage: Ideally a dose of 20gm per day is recommended for 10 days when a blood test shows a lowered haemoglobin level, or for recovery from the situations mentioned above. It can also be given as a pre competition or race boost, or a post event recovery at 20gms per day for 3 days.

VetPro Blud-Boost - 300g


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