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Revolution is an easy-to-administer, all-in-one flea treatment for cats that works inside and out for a month.

Revolution is extremely effective in keeping cats safe from roundworm and ear mites, too.

Unlike many other 'topical' (i.e. administered externally onto the body) parasiticides designed to treat fleas and other parasites in cats, Revolution is not a scheduled poison and is approved for use with kittens as young as 6 weeks old, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Revolution is easy to appy by simply squeezing it onto the skin on the back of your cat's neck every month.

Once you've applied it, Revolution for Cats is quickly absorbed into your pet's bloodstream, killing any roundworm intestinal larvae it encounters.

As it moves into your cat's skin and hair, it gets down to the business of killing fleas and other external parasites.

Revolution for Cats will then continue to fully protect your cat for a month, regardless of how long your cat's hair is.

After the month is up, a new dose needs to be applied.

If you've administered Revolution for Cats correctly and in line with the recommended dosing schedule, you and your cat can rely on protection from the following:

Revolution treats, controls and prevents flea infestations on your cat as well as in your cat's day-to-day surroundings. Adult fleas are killed, flea eggs don't hatch, and flea larvae are killed or prevented from developing into adults. Because it's a comprehensive flea treatment, it also controls flea allergy dermatitis.

Revolution enters the bloodstream to prevent ailments related to this insidious parasite.

Ear Mites
Revolution treats, controls and prevents intensely irritating ear mite infestations.


Revolution For Cats

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$48.99every 3 months until canceled

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