Calmex has a unique formula including a blend of amino acids and complex B-vitamins which provide nutritional support for dogs and cats to help maintain normal composure.


60ml bottle of Calmex liquid with syringe dispenser allowing for easier accurate dosing.




Give 1ml per 4.5kg bodyweight twice daily.


Active ingredients:

  • amino acids - L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan
  • complex B-Vitamins - Maintains and supports the function of the nervous system


Signs that calmex may be useful for your cat: 


  1. Inappropriate toileting
  2. Excessive vertical or horizontal scratching of surfaces
  3. Aggression
  4. Over grooming
  5. Self mutilation
  6. Hiding or withdrawn behaviour
  7. Clingy or needy behaviour
  8. Changes in appetite
  9. Constantly monitoring surroundings



Calmex can be used for the following stressful events: 


  1. Transport
  2. Overpopulation in outdoor territory
  3. Multicat households
  4. Veterinary visits
  5. Boarding & kennelling
  6. Rehoming

Calmex Cat 60ml