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AMH Vet is a totally natural antibacterial cream containing 25% of 15+ UMF (activity factor) manuka honey suitable for all damaged skin areas.

Active Manuka Honey contains the unique compound 'methylglyoxal' that provides a special natural antibacterial function able to block many infectious bacteria.


Active Manuka Honey Vet Anhydrous Cream 25% (AMHVet 25% Cream) uses all the known antibacterial benefits of Active Manuka Honey in this easy to administer topical application.


How to Use AMHVet Cream:


  • Apply directly onto the area requiring care --> AMHVet Cream will minimize bacterial infection on damaged skin areas.
  • A dressing is not required to hold the cream in place as it does not warm up and run off • the cream forms a waterproof film over the damaged skin.
  • Cover with a dressing is necessary only if the animal is likely to be able to reach the wound and lick it off
  • As the wound heals (no infection present, colonization cleared) cover the damaged skin area with FiltaBac Cream to allow the skin to breathe and recover naturally.


AMHVet Cream has a skin soluble surfactant added to maximize surface contact.

AMHVet Cream should not be used when a sterile dressing is required after surgical procedures

Cream will protect and soothe the skin. Application of a dressing or covering the area with a dressing may be required.

Aniwell® Active Manuka Honey Ahydrous Cream - 100g


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