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AQUADENT is formulated by veterinary dental specialist to help freshen your pet’s breath and maintain oral hygiene in conjunction with a regular home dental product.


AQUADENT is a pleasant tasting solution, containingFR3SH™ Technology,

a combination of 3 natural ingredients:


Erythritol, a natural sweetener, that has a cooling, freshening e¬ect in the mouth.

Inulin, a natural prebiotic to help control bad breath from digestive origins.

Pomegranate, a natural antioxidant. 

AQUADENT is easy to use, simply add it to your pet’s fresh drink water using the measuring cup provided.





4-11kg add 5ml to 500ml of fresh drink water

11kg + add 10ml to 1L of fresh water daily

For accurate dosing use the measuring cup provided Provide additional fresh drink water as needed

Discard any treated water that has not been consumed within 24hrs.

Change water daily

Do not exceed 10 mL of AQUADENT to per pet each day

Aquadent Water Additive For Cats and Dogs

Price Options
One-time purchase
$42.50every month until canceled

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