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Contains magnesium, which plays a crucial role in nerve and muscle function, and can help to calm nervous or anxious horses. Secondly, it contains B vitamins, which are essential for a healthy nervous system and can help to promote a more calm and relaxed demeanor in horses.


Equine Relax is easy to administer, with a palatable powder that can be added to the horse's feed. It is suitable for all types of horses, whether they are competition animals or leisure horses. By addressing the root cause of the horse's tension, Equine Relax can help to promote a more content and well-balanced horse.


Equine Relax can be used right up to and during competition as it contains no prohibited substances. It does not reduce performance.


Active Ingredients Per Kg:

L-Tryptophan                     45,000mg
Vitamin E                           10,000mg
Vitamin B1                         19,600mg
Magnesium                        108,000mg

VetPro Relax - 2kg


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