Broad-spectrum combination wormer effective on all susceptible equine worms including tapeworms


  • Unique synergistic combination of two active compounds
  • Safe to use on all horses including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions
  • Palatable vanilla flavoured paste


  • Unique defence against resistant equine worms. STRATEGY-T® contains a unique combination of active ingredients that work synergistically to give STRATEGY-T® a superior efficacy
  • STRATEGY-T® that has been shown to have comparable activity to mectin wormers (including benzimidazole resistant strains), making it New Zealand’s best non-mectin based wormer
  • Safe to use on all types of horses including pregnant mares, foals and breeding stallions
  • Each syringe can treat horses up to 700 kg


Extensive internal and independent trials have proven the safety and efficacy of STRATEGY-T®. Safety has been proven in different age groups and life stages of horses including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions.


  • Oxfendazole 9.1g
  • Pyrantel Embonate 7.0g



Strategy T - Horse Wormer