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Samylin Tablets Liver Supplement is a complementary product which increases and provides the antioxidants used by the liver for detoxification.

The liver has a key role in many body functions such as metabolism and storage of nutrients, detoxification of potentially harmful substances, digestion of fats and immunoregulation – as such, it is exposed to many potential threats and toxins every day.


Samylin is an oral nutritional product containing:


-S-Adenosyl L- Methionine (SAMe) – a nutritional water-soluble antioxidant to support hepatic health. It is enteric coated in Samylin to ensure stability and bioavailability.


-Silybin – a nutrient found in milk thistle extract with antioxidant properties.


-Vitamin E -  a very potent antioxidant and lipid soluble vitamin, which can support the normal functioning of the liver from within the lipid soluble environment of the cell membranes.

Samylin Liver Supplement Sachet 30 Pack - Small Breed


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