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Promectin Plus Mini Allwormer Paste is available in two presentations, one for adult Horses, and one for Foals and Ponies. 


Each is designed as a single-use tube so the full dose in the tube is delivered in one go - which means no dial-a-dose partial delivery.

Promectin Plus Mini Allwormer Paste for Horses in formulated for horses in the live weight range of 300kg to 600kg. 


Promectin Plus Mini Allwormer Paste for Foals and Ponies is formulated for animals in the live weight range of 150kg to 300kg. 


Both deliver a palatable paste which is readily accepted by the horse. In fact, due to the low-volume dose and easily concealed mini-tune, the horse will often be dosed before realising what has happened.


Active Constituents

  • Ivermectin 19 mg/g, Praziquantel 238mg/g


Withholding Periods


DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.


Promectin Plus Mini Foal + Pony

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