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Yes, you heard that right $159.99 for a years supply of flea and worm treatment for your fur baby.


Our vets have come up with a package that protects your dog from all flea and worm parasites. Not even the popular  expensive treatments can put claim to that.


How it works:


Our team of vets will put together a flea and worm package for you that will cover your entire year of flea and wormers including tape worm, which most flea & combined treatments don't! We will then send it out to you in one convenient package.


What you get:


Based on your cat or dogs weight you will recieve a package containing  a years supply of Advantage® flea treatment for your pet and a years supply of  Drontal® worming tablets.


Eg. A 52kg dog would recieve 3 x Advantage® 4 pack 52kg flea treatment & 8 x Drontal® worming tablets. We will also provide you with a helpful reference on how to administer your treatment.


One Year Flea & Worm Treatment Dog or Cat

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