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Complete oral care is important for your dog’s total body health and can add years to their lifespan. Greenies Canine Dental Chews are proven to clean your dog's teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Designed for daily treating, dental chews are low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs.

One dental chew a day helps clean your dog’s teeth by using their natural chewing action to wipe away plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of teeth. Highly soluble ingredients help the dental chews break down quickly for easy digestion, making them more digestible than premium dry dog food.

Independent testing confirms Greenies Dental Chews for dogs are highly palatable and great-tasting. Greenies are available in four unique sizes to offer the most appropriate texture and hardness for dogs with a variety of bite-force capabilities and have the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of acceptance for plaque and tartar control.


  • Scientifically proven to remove tartar build up 
  • Ideal for daily treating 
  • Low in fat 
  • Highly palatable 




    Greenies Canine Dental Treats - Petite - 10pk.


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