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Gastropell Daily is the product of choice in the treatment and prevention of low grade gastric ulceration. Ideal for use in horses in light work or under low stress scenarios and for low dose omeprazole dosing of foals and ponies.


Active constituents: Enteric-coated Omeprazole 50 mg/mL 


Clinical signs of gastric ulceration include depressed appetite, behavioural changes, poor hair coat, recurrent low grade colic, intermittent loose faeces, chronic diarrhoea, poor body condition and poor performance.

FOALS: Signs in foals include depressed appetite or inappetence, teeth grinding, dribbling saliva, colic, diarrhoea, sternal recumbency, dog sitting or weakness.


For accurate diagnosis direct endoscopic examination of the gastric mucosa (gastroscopy) is recommended.


Not to be administered to horses intended for human consumption. 

Gastropell daily 30ml x 5


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