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Traditional Veterinary Gamgee.


Highly absorbent, hospital quality cotton wool enclosed in a non-woven cover.

Soft, low-adherent medical grade wound interface minimises wound disruption and provides a fibre and particle barrier.


The non-woven gamgee cushions and protects wounds from external trauma whilst providing a low adherent wound interface.

Use as a primary wound dressing or apply over a dressing for added leg support and protection.

Perfect for wound management, insulation, absorbency and to prevent bandaging pressue points.

Veterinary gamgee is a useful addition to any equine first aid kit.


Robinson Veterinary Gamgee in brief:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Hospital quality
  • Non-woven cover
  • Fibre and particle barrier
  • Protects wounds
  • Leg support
  • Keep in equine first aid kit

Gamgee Tissue Robinsons


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