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Flumax is a supplement designed to support the feline respiratory tract through infections both acute and chronic.


Many cats suffer the effects of respiratory infections either acutely or chronically/intermittently. Flumax contains a unique combination lysine, B-vitamins, trace elements, fruit and plant extracts to help through these periods and has been made highly palatable because cats with respiratory problems generally have reduced appetites.

It is also important to keep stress levels to a minimum to help recovery from infections in cats.


Contents and Benefits of Flumax: L-lysine - A naturally occurring amino acid with anti-viral tendencies Cranberry and Pomegranate Extract - Antioxidant rich fruit extracts with natural antibacterial properties Zinc - An essential trace element necessary for maintaining good health Pelargonium sidoides - A plant extract known to naturally support the immune system and aid innate respiratory tract defence mechanisms B vitamins - Vitamin B6 and B3. These vitamins are associated with many processes including the release of energy from food

Flumax for cats 150ml


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