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8 x 15 rolls which can be fitted on a dispenser.



The industry leader in terms of quality, strength, and affordability. Bigger, thicker, tougher and, for those days when Buddy is dragging his butt, totally leak-proof.  Earth Rate, don't leave out the littlest of details as even our rolls' core and packaging is made from recycled content!


Key Benefits:

  • Extra-strong bags mean no ripped, torn, or wasted bags when you need to deal with extraordinary poops. 
  • Extra-long bags, 22 x 33cms, so you or your sleeve never make unwanted contact
  • Big enough even for a Great Dane's pile
  • Scented with lavender so fresh smelling – you won’t mind holding on until you properly dispose of.
  • Has an additive that allows them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags

Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Lavender Scented Poop Bags