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Droncit tablets are a highly safe and effective treatment for tapeworm only in dogs and cats.


Price is per tablet, buy as many as you need. 


Benefits of Droncit:

  • Highly effective against tapeworm
  • Very high safety margin - can be used in pregnant cats and dogs
  • Single dose given by mouth



Droncit tablets can be used in all dogs and cats regardless of age and pregnancy


Dosing guidelines:

Routine tapeworm treatment for dogs and cats




10kg and under


11kg – 20kg


20kg – 40kg



Hydatid tapeworm treatment for dogs


Bodyweight Tablets
Under 5kg 1/2
5-10kg 1
10-20kg 2
20-30kg and over 3



Each tablet contains 50mg Praziquantel

Droncit tapeworm treatment

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