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Broadline protects your cat against both internal and external parasites in a single, easy monthlydose.

Scientific studies have proven both the safety and effectiveness of Broadline.

Broadlines is the only all-in-one parasite treatment for cats that kills fleas, ticks, roundworms, hookworm, tapeworm, biting lice and lungworm.

Kills not only the adult fleas on your cat but contains an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and larvae, breaking the flea life cycle at every stage.

Kill's newly acquired fleas on your cat within 8-24 hours


Acitive ingredients: 

fipronil, (S)-methoprene, eprinomectin and praziquantel 


To apply Broadline, pull back the plunger slightly, remove cap, place the tip of the applicator on the skin. Apply the contents directly on the skin in one spot on the midline of the neck between the base of the skull and the shoulder blades.

Broadline Spot For Cats - 1 pack.


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