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Treating with Bravecto kills the fleas present on your cat at the time of treatment, and continues to kill any new fleas that land on them for a full 3 months. No other spot-on lasts longer from one dose. 


  • Long lasting, 3 month flea and tick protection, in a convenient spot-on
  • Easy – a year’s protection in only 4 treatments
  • Part of a treatment strategy to control Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD)
  • For cats from 11 weeks of age and from 1.2kg bodyweight.
  • Wth a simple twist-n-use dispensing tube making it quick and easy to use. Please note the tube cap does not come off.


Ingredients - each tube has a minimum of 40mg fluralaner/kg body weight. 


Directions for use:


Bravecto spot-on and Bravecto Plus packaging is designed to be child safe. The tube has a twist-n-use cap and is enclosed in a child resistant sachet. The cap is twisted to break the seal and open the tube. The tube can then be squeezed and product will come out from the centre of the cap. The cap does not come off.

Apply spot-on to the skin at the base of the cat's head, to ensure the solution cannot be licked off.

Apply in 1 spot for cats 1.2kg – 6.25kg, and 2 spots for cats over 6.25kg.

Bravecto Spot on For Cats Range

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