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Protect your pet - inside and out. Advocate, a patented combination of Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Moxidectin, is a break-through in the treatment of parasites in cats. Advocate treats and protects against the major parasites of your pet, inside and out.


  • 98-100 per cent of existing fleas on your cat are killed within 12 hours of the first application
  • Fast-acting – rapidly affects re-infesting fleas in 3-5 minutes of contact
  • Kills adult roundworms and hookworms, but also immature adult and larval stages of these worms, breaking the lifecycle. 
  • Treats lungworms 
  • With its “No Need to Bite” mode of action, Advocate kills fleas on contact; they don’t have to bite your cat to be killed which means more relief for your cat.
  • For use on cats and kittens from 9 weeks of age.




Advocate for Cats Flea & Worm 4kg - 3 Pack

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One-time purchase
$55.00every 3 months until canceled

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