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What is the best joint supplement for my dog?

Updated: Jun 25

Arthritis is a common mobility disease seen in older dogs. Large breed dogs are more prone to develop arthritis, but it can occur in any breed. Management of arthritis will differ for each patient and may involve a combination of lifestyle changes, weight management, pain relief, and dietary joint supplements.

Joint supplements are most effective in the prevention of arthritis and maintaining healthy joints.

It is recommended to start these protective agents early in at-risk patients, such as large breed dogs, or dogs more likely to develop arthritis. Dogs more likely to develop arthritis may be patients with hip dysplasia, congenital limb deformities, and post ortheopaedic surgical patients (such as after fracture fixation, or cruciate repair).

Highly active dogs will benefit from joint supplements as high physical activity can take its toll on joints, so supplements can help aid promote healthy joints, aid healing, and the prevention of arthritis formation.

Joint supplements can also be given to young puppies as young as 8 weeks of age that are predisposed to arthritis development due to conformation or injury.

What are key ingredients to look for in joint supplements?

- Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids

- Glucosamine - Reduces cartilage degradation

- Chondroitin sulfate - Helps rebuild cartilage

- Manganese - acts as a catalyst to increase biosynthetic activity

- Green-lippeded mussel - powerful anti-inflammatory

There are a variety of products available that come in gel, tablets, or treat forms, which one to get depends on the dosage your looking to obtain for your pet and the route of administration.


Blackmores PAW Osteocare Chews - These chews contain the important ingredients of Glucosamine (500mg) and Chondroitin (250mg), manganese gluconate, vitamin C & MSM. These ingredients combined may help maintain joint health and function in dogs. The dose of the chews starts higher then tapers to a maintenance daily dose.

Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs - these chews contain three key ingredients for joint and mobility health, greenlipped mussel, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. As a handy chew these are a great way to treat your dog but also help their joints stay nice and healthy.


4Cyte This gel product contains a patented active ingredient EPIITALIS, which is exclusive plant seed oil patented for its cartilage repair and pain relief properties. It also contains NZ Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Marine cartilage for joint health maintenance. 4cyte studies have shown that lameness scores improved after taking 4cyte. This gel product requires only a single maintenance dose for effect. This product is also available for horses!


My BEAU Bone and Joint Supplement Pouches A gel product that easily mixes into your dogs daily diet. This product contains the essential ingredients of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & NZ Greenlipped mussel, Omega’s, as well as containing multivitamins for health and vitality.


Bomazeal Mobilize Joint Supplement For DogsThese handy all-natural tablets contain natural compounds and Glycoaminoglycans which have an anti-inflammatory action and aid cartilage matrix production. Key ingredients include green-lipped mussel extract, shark cartilage, deer velvet and Enzogel.

Green-lipped mussel extract is a natural source of chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and omega-3 fatty acids. Enzogenol is an antioxidant that helps counteracts the release of free radicals that contribute to the degeneration of cartilage and acceleration of the ageing process.

Shark cartilage is a source of chondroitin sulphate and mucopolysaccharides, which are major components of cartilaginous material in joint surfaces, ligaments, and tendons. Deer velvet helps has important roles with the restoration of normal body processes, strengthening of general body functions, healing, promoting blood cell growth, improving the immune system and influencing cardiovascular function.

If you would like to discuss a joint health care option for you dog with a veterinarian click here.

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Another great NZ made dog joint supplement is K9 Plus It has loads of 5 star reviews!

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