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Top Five Cat Breeds that like Kids

Finding the ‘purrfect’ kitty for your kids can be a tough call, so we have narrowed it down for you. These five cat breeds have some traits and characteristics that make them more suited to life in a busy home with small ones.


Sometimes referred to as the ‘puppycat’ this breed is an affectionate, people-loving, playful kitty. They will often follow their loved ones around, greet them at the door when they get home, and can even be taught how to play fetch! These playful, loving cats make great best friends for children. They love being cuddled and fussed, often seeking out family members when they want attention. Their kind nature and love for cuddles make them great pets for kids, studies have shown that stroking cats can be linked to reducing anxiety and stress levels in people – a double win!


The Birman cat breed gets described as being loving and affectionate. They are gentle, quiet and love cuddles with their family. Their social nature means they suit families and multi-pet households, as they don’t like being alone. They are intelligent and can even be taught tricks such as being leash trained which kids will love! Birmans love playing, making them great play mates for children. They are a curious, inquisitive breed which loves exploring their environment making them great adventure buddies for the children!

Maine coon

The Maine coons are referred to as the ‘gentle giants’ of the feline world. These chilled moggies make great companions for kids. As larger cats, they do need more room to exercise, they love to play and will socialise with all members of the family making it a great way to tire out the kids as well! The Maine coon is a longhaired breed, their coat requires daily grooming, if they are trained from a kitten then brushing them daily can be great task to get the kids involved with, teaching them how to care for their beloved furry friend.


The Abyssinian is an active, playful, and social breed. They love to interact with their humans, whether this is being cuddled or being played with. Often these breeds love their humans so much they will follow them everywhere, or even ride around perched on their humans’ shoulders! These energetic cats love to play, making them great for active children. Their craving for attention and interaction make them great for larger families where they are accompanied by their humans most of the time.


The Manx is a calm, docile breed who are people orientated and love their family. They are affectionate and love cuddles. Their characteristic lack of a tail makes them good for young children as they have nothing there to mistakenly pull! The Manx has a double coat which requires daily brushing which is a great way to get the kids involved in their daily care. Despite the placid nature they still love to play making them great family companions.

If you are unsure what breed to choose, how to introduce your kitten to your new home, and how to take care of your new family member, we are here to help, book a chat with our vets today.

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