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The all new Paws Passport

We recently talked to Paws Passport about their new digital product which we think will make lots of pet owners lives a lot easier!

We are a Kiwi start-up passionate about digitising and simplifying the records and admin associated with having a pet.

We believe pets are family and that sharing your life with a furry family member is a privilege. Sometimes though, when you're hunting around for your pet's paper Vaccination Book from the vet or filling in form after form, it can feel like a real chore!

A bit about us

We were officially founded on Valentine’s Day this year. We started off with the aim of creating a digital Pet CV full of information that landlords and property managers actually want to see. We talked to landlords, property managers and renters with pets across the country and thought why stop there?! There’s so many other areas where owning a pet means you have more hoops to jump through and admin to complete.

Digitise and Simplify

Imagine having 1 stylish, digital place where all your pet’s important information is stored. You can access and edit this information 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Better yet, you can seamlessly share this information with:

· landlords and property managers

· kennels and catteries

· house sitters

· holiday accommodation providers

· And many more!

No more forms. No more time wasted hunting around for your pet’s paper records.

Imagine being able to instantly access your pet’s information from your phone. Having your pet’s information at your fingertips, ready to share with the vet, pet sitter, potential landlord.

Have more more time to focus on what's really important - your furry family member of course!!!

We are currently building our Digital Product and expect it go live in early August 2020.

If you’re interested in our product, please register on our product waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when we’re up and running. We won’t spam you. We’ll just send you an email when Paws Passport is ready for you to use.

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