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Purchasing your pets medications online can save you time, traveling and be a cost effective way to support your pet on long term medications. To purchase veterinary medications online, you will need a written prescription from your regular veterinarian. All veterinarians have an obligation to provide a written prescription for any medications required upon request, after examining your pet. 

We are unable to sell medications without a written prescription.
The prescription should be posted directly to: 
295 Hillview Road,

Alternatively, you can ask your veterinarian to email us the prescription directly from their clinic email address. We will need the paper copy posted to us, but will be able to post your medications out sooner. 
The email address to send prescriptions to is:

Medications will only be sent after receiving the copy of your pet’s prescription/receiving the prescription directly from your veterinarian via email if urgent, as our registered veterinarian must verify and check the prescription prior to posting medication. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Refunds and return policy

We are unable to refund or accept returns of prescription medications once sent, due to strict regulation controls of the sale and storage of prescription medications (unless there has been an error on our part) 

I Can’t find it ? 

There are some medications (e.g. antibiotics) that we are unable to list on our website, but these are available on request with the appropriate prescription. Please contact us directly at for pricing and availability.

Can you send Overseas?

No.We are able to fill prescriptions for N.Z. animals only, and all prescriptions must be written by a N.Z registered veterinarian. All prescriptions will be checked by our company veterinarian and only prescriptions written by N.Z. registered vets will be dispensed. 

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